Hammersonn is a dedicated one-stop solution platform that works closely with clients to offer a targeted approach for your distinctive needs.

Our firm is an industry driven organization and encompasses a host of disciplines ranging from specialists through to senior level positions for internationally distinguished organizations.

Flexibility is the key to the success of any organization and at Hammersonn we believe that tailoring solutions to clients, for Human Capital based on your needs and requirements, are essential. With the experience of our seasoned consultants we would be able to advise you on the most suitable method or a combination of methods to ensure that your needs are met. Our assignments are strictly based on quality and neither on speed nor quantity. We thrive to ensure that the “right” fit candidate be put forward that meets with your requirements and objectives.

Hammersonn offers "Profiling" consulting services.

Aside from Search assignments, we also offer clients “Profiling” consulting services to further enhance and improve existing staff or to gauge suitability of candidates to their prospective position, prior to joining an organization.

This would further improve the process by taking the necessary steps to identify weaknesses in the early stages and to propose the required evaluation and training for enhancement

We offer various psychological profiling assessments depending on your needs and requirements. These are endorsed by various international firms and psychologists. Tailor made solutions are also available.



  • - Flexibility
  • - Attention to Details
  • - observant of needs
  • - Find solutions to the needs
  • - Proactive to help
  • - Go the extra mile

Best Fit Candidate

Hammersonn delivers quality services to ensure each position is matched by Best Fit Candidate.